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Why You Should Trust G&G for Your Next Timepiece

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Figuring out who to trust when buying a timepiece isn’t always easy. As an enthusiast, you probably know a lot of watch manufacturers you trust (Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, and Audemars Piguet) but not many resellers.

However, being careful when choosing a retailer for a new watch is essential. Many unscrupulous individuals want to deprive you of your money by peddling fakes. 

This post describes why you should use G&G to buy your next watch. We explain why thousands of customers across the globe trust us for luxury watches

So, what are the reasons people choose G&G? 

We Have Offices All Over the World

G&G has a global pedigree with locations in multiple countries, making purchasing and learning about watches in our collection easier. Currently, we operate in the most active watch markets, including the United States, Switzerland, and Dubai. However, we plan to expand further, catering to watch enthusiasts worldwide in the coming years. 

For U.S. customers, we offer the peace of mind of an onshore store in downtown Miami. We have dozens of reviews from local, happy clients who tell us they have benefited from our services.

We Are Watch Lovers Ourselves

Secondly, people choose G&G because we are watch lovers ourselves. We love nothing more than researching brands and learning about their history. Our team members are geeks and love everything to do with watches, including their provenance, mechanisms, and materials. 

Like many customers, our team members own more than one watch and coordinate them with their outfits. They can also name brands, models, and features without consulting a brochure. It’s just common knowledge for them.

Team members also appreciate the details and craftsmanship that go into a fine watch. They have the skills to tell a replica a mile away. 

Lastly, we‘re always looking for new watches at fairs, watch shops, and online forums. Like our customers, we love the sheer variation in the market and the number of unique models available. 

We’re Committed to Integrity

Another reason you should trust G&G for your next watch is our commitment to integrity. Our team is obsessed with sourcing only genuine watches from trusted brands. 

Unfortunately, many fake watches, including convincing replicas, get onto the market. Last year, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) intercepted a shipment from Hong Kong heading to an address in Brooklyn, NYC, worth $10.1 million. 

Fake watches are a problem for brands and owners, even if they look convincing. Many are cheap, low-quality, break easily, and could damage your health. 

However, they are easy to spot (unlike fake artwork). Watch specialists can usually tell in a few seconds whether a particular watch is original. 

The devil is in the details. While fake watches might look convincing on the outside, counterfeiters can’t replicate their internal mechanisms faithfully, even on high budgets. Fraudsters lack centuries-old production processes to create accurate copies. 

Whenever we receive a shipment of never worn watches, we perform comprehensive checks to ensure their authenticity. These include:

  • Checking the price against its stated MSRP. Genuine watches rarely sell at discounts. 
  • Checking the seller. Trusted resellers spend years building their reputations, encouraging more retailers to purchase from them. 
  • Checking the quality once the watches arrive. Our team inspects watches to ensure they are genuine articles. Misaligned parts, loose screws, scratches, or spelling errors are all signs of a fake. 
  • Checking the authenticity. Our team compares new watches with our experience with certified timepieces. We also look for serial numbers, logos, stamps, certificates, or holograms to verify the origin of the products. 

We also carry out similarly comprehensive checks for pre-owned watches. Our step-by-step process includes:

  • Evaluating each watch arriving in our inventory, checking for originality, completeness, and features. 
  • Authenticating each timepiece. Watches must pass a rigorous set of checks to become available for sale. 
  • Improving watches. Watches must be brought to the highest possible operating standards without compromise. 

Pre-owned watches are popular and valuable because they can be hard to find. Watchmakers may discontinue specific models, making the secondary market the only place to find them. Rare models can come with a substantial price premium, making certification even more essential. 

A certified pre-owned watch is one that has been inspected by an experienced watchmaker, such as G&G. Certified watches usually retain their manufacturer’s warranty, even if their owners change. 

We Sell Multiple Top Brands

G&G sells watches from many of the world’s top brands, including Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Rolex, and Vacheron Constantin. As such, we don’t push one particular model or company. Our team operates across the industry, only selling watches of the highest caliber. 

We Only Sell Collector-Quality Watches 

Lastly, G&G only sells collector-quality watches. For that reason, customers seek out our timepieces from all over the world. 

We never know what might come into stock, so it's essential to keep your eyes peeled and check back with us regularly. From time to time, our store plays host to exceptionally rare models you might not be able to find elsewhere. 

Get a High-End Timepiece from G&G

Buying a high-end watch from G&G is a reassuring experience. You can purchase directly from our website or arrange an appointment with a team member. 

If you book an appointment, you can learn more about the watch before you buy or find the perfect watch for your attire. Our consultants will guide you through the purchase experience and answer your questions. They’ll also provide insights about the model you want to buy using their extensive knowledge and personal expertise. For us, nothing is worse than a watch shopper who feels overwhelmed by all the options and can’t go away happy with a specific model they love. 

Are you looking for your next watch? Get in touch with us today to learn more.