A Guide to Vacheron Constantin's Classic Watches

A Guide to Vacheron Constantin's Classic Watches

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Vacheron Constantin (VC) is one of the oldest and most prestigious watchmakers in the world. Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1755, the brand is known for making some of the most exquisite classic timepieces around. 

Watch enthusiasts celebrate the Swiss brand because of its attention to detail. Craftsmen mirror-polish and circular-grain every component that goes into their watches while remaining true to their heritage and vintage designs. The result is a masterfully understated look that avoids being too showy. 

VC is a highly accomplished brand, having achieved several industry firsts. Its achievements include creating the first wristwatch in 1889, the first chronograph with a perpetual calendar in 1929, and the most complicated watch ever made in 2015, the Reference 57260.

This post is a guide to VC’s classic watches. You’ll learn about the various collections, what made them popular, and why people celebrate their pedigree today. 


Patrimony is one of Vacheron Constantin’s most iconic collections, famous globally and worn by the stars. The line features minimalist and elegant aesthetics designed to keep the practice of time-keeping simple. 

Most Patrimony watches have slim bezels and round cases. Many also come with baton or dauphine hands and simple dials. 

Within the Patrimony collection are various models reflecting different consumer tastes. For instance, the Ultra-Thin version is just 7.26mm thick, providing a sleek look, while the Perpetual Calendar displays dates, times, moon phases, and leap years. 


Another VC classic is the Traditionnelle line. This collection pays homage to the art of watchmaking, using multiple refined and sophisticated details to create products of exceptional quality. 

Traditionnelle watches have round cases, fluted case backs, and stepped lugs. Dials tend to have guilloché patterns or enamel finishes, and the hands are leaf- or sword-shaped. These watches’ goal is to transport the wearer back in time while retaining modern appeal. 

As with VC’s Patrimony collection, buyers can find several models within the Traditionnelle line to suit their tastes. For instance, the Traditionnelle Chronograph has two sundials for measuring elapsed time, making it one of the most complicated timepieces available. 

There is also the Traditionnelle Tourbillon, which has a rotating cage that counteracts the effects of gravity on the movement. The underside of the watch has an open case displaying the beautiful gold and purple mechanisms inside. 


Another VC classic collection is the Overseas. The watchmaker created this line to celebrate the spirit of travel and adventure. 

Overseas watches are sporty and versatile, letting them adapt to any occasion. VC equips them with hexagonal bezels and bracelets you can change in and out when you want. The hands are also luminous, making them easier to read. 

VC reinvented the Overseas in 2016, adding multiple self-winding models to the collection. For instance, the Overseas moon phase retrograde provides more accurate depictions of the lunar cycle. By contrast, the Overseas Chronograph has an open case back with 22K gold features and a black counter that contrasts with its silver dials for easy time tracking. 

You can also get the Overseas Dual Time. It comes with a second time-zone indicator at 6 o’clock and the standard model’s date indicator at 3 o’clock. 

The Historiques

VC created the Historiques collection in 2006 to pay homage to the company’s rich history and legacy. The purpose of the line was to reinterpret the brand’s most iconic and rare models, updating them for a modern audience. 

VC makes watches in the Historiques collection with the finest materials, including platinum, pink gold, and yellow gold. It also outfits some products with steel – the exception, not the rule. 

The most striking feature of Historiques American watches is their diagonal faces. VC uses this arrangement to enable customers to tell the time while making “impassioned speeches” or driving. 

The Swiss brand successfully changed the orientation by rotating the mechanisms inside the watch 45 degrees. The original American emerged in the 1920s to please the new car-loving generation wanting to get out on the road. Now it is a fashionable option for urban watch lovers looking for something unusual. 

Another popular watch in the Historiques collection is the Cornes De Vache 1955. This timepiece features steel “cow horns'' that pays homage to the 1955 manual winding chronograph, 6087. This watch was the first ever water-resistant watch VC made and has a diameter of only 38.5 mm. It comes with a calf leather strap from Serapian, which only sources Italian products. 

Égérie Collection

The Égérie collection is a specific VC line designed to meet the needs and tastes of women. It combines high culture with exceptional time-keeping, blending classic and contemporary styles. 

The Égérie Self-Winding comes with multiple features, including a date indicator and signature bezel studded with diamonds. There’s also a stop-seconds device and a 40-hour power reserve when not in use. Buyers can choose between a polished steel bracelet and an 18-carat pink gold option with an interchangeable strap. 

Now You’re Ready to Find Classic Vacheron Constantin in Miami

In summary, VC watches are popular because of their exceptional history and longevity. The watch brand has been around for more than 260 years, making it older than most famous distilleries. 

The most celebrated aspect of VC watches is their understated design. They don’t try to flaunt their presence, instead blending elegantly into the wearer’s attire. 

People also love them because of the brand’s limited supply. The Maison has the motto “One of not many,” which emphasizes its commitment to crafting a limited number of units for real enthusiasts. The Swiss watchmaker wants to create an exclusive “club” where the few people who wear its products can knowingly nod at each other when they meet. 

Finally, VC is true to its classic archives, constantly looking for ways to reinvent older looks. The brand has a certain respect and reverence for the past you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.